Were There Multiple Shooters in the Florida School Shooting?

I would like to give my condolences to all those affected by the Parkland FL school shooting. Our schools should never experience tragedies such as this and we definitely need a solution to stop school shootings but I do not believe gun control is the answer. In the wake of the Florida School shooting, gun control nuts have come out of the woodworks politicizing a tragedy to fit their narrative. We have ilk like CNN, MSNBC and the Washington Post politicizing the students with their peddling of students calling for more gun control.

I really do not think debating gun control when a tragedy just happened is the right time to talk about this extremely touchy subject, especially when the full details have not come out yet. The information that is out in the news is very sketchy at best. There are interviews with students saying there was more than one shooter which the mainstream news has not even picked up.


Looking at the timeline of the whole incident, there are a lot of red flags the news does not seem to be reporting. At 2:19 pm, the Uber driver drops off Cruz who had an AR15 inside a soft case. This Uber driver definitely needs to be questioned in depth because anyone with some common sense can tell what a rifle looks like when it is in a soft case. We are made to believe this Uber driver did not put two and two together and dropped some kid off at a school with a rifle in a soft case.  He was supposedly dropped off at the east entrance by the Uber driver.

Basic rifle soft case

As soon as he got dropped off, he went in the east stairwell of Building 12 and at 2:21 pm, Cruz started opening fire. The whole shooting lasted only three minutes, according to the sheriff. According to a YouTube video posted by Alex Jones, KHOU11 News reporter Matt Musil was near Parkland FL covering some baseball tryouts when he heard about the shooting, he went to the scene to cover the incident. He interviewed , a student, who saw Nick Cruz after the incident in the hallway and said she was surprised that it wasn’t him that did it in a jokingly way and Cruz looked at her in disbelief. She also said while she was talking to Cruz, there were still shots being fired so she said there had to be two shooters.

After watching the video, some might see her smiling at points in the video and think that she is fake any lying but put yourself in her shoes. She just survived a traumatic incident, there were 17 people killed and several others wounded and she managed to survive, she knows something is up because everyone in the school immediately blamed Cruz yet, she sees him walking down the hall and has a conversation with him.

Another student was interviewed and she not only said there were three shooters, she witnessed a teacher get shot in the arm who opened the door to let students in, also witnessed a teacher guiding students into this room get shot in the head and also another teacher which I believe to be hero Coach Aaron Feis trying to close another door to protect students.  From the sounds of this eyewitness, there were two shooters covering the exits and one going around shooting people.  She also said when they were getting escorted out of the school, the army people told them to keep their eyes forward so they didn’t see the body’s they hid that were stacked up and covered with mats.  This is supposed to be a crime scene, there is no reason to be moving any bodies.  I do not believe the Army was there, I think she was looking at swat members.  Later in the video, she describes students going to one end of the building and being shot and they could not go to the other side because of the other shooters.  In my video below, there is a swat buildup in a different building then the shooting.

When I got the alert about the Florida School shooting, I hurried to try and record as much as possible. I was able to get about 21 minutes of live footage from 3:33 pm – 3:55 pm. In this clip, we see multiple interviews with parents and students and also some strange things happening.

At the beginning of the video, we see an unnamed student say he knew about Nikolas Cruz’s obsession with guns and that he was in alternative school with him because they both got kicked out of school.  He supposedly talked about them all the time and even showed him.  The interview with the student was interrupted by Shep Smith saying they haven’t identified anyone.  At about 3:39 pm the chopper zooms in on what looks to be a couple swat members coming out carrying what looks to be a duffle bag.  I immediately thought they were taking out a body but then I looked closer and there was only one person carrying the bag so I thought it could have been a smaller person or possibly some type of weapon.  That swat member is definitely a beast though because on his right shoulder he has a backpack and in the other hand he has a duffle bag and you can tell it has some weight just by the way he is carrying it.

At 3:42 pm there is an interview with Meghan Hill and her father and the father thought it was a joke until she sent him a video of her of the floor crying and pictures of the bodies.  At about 3:44 pm there is another interview with an unnamed male and female.  The female student stated she is not a student and she was just visiting a teacher when the fire alarm went off and she found it odd because they had a fire drill early in the day.  She also said she heard five pops.  Just five pops?  There were 17 people shot and killed and numerous others injured, there should have been several shots heard.   She also states everyone was Snapchatting everything so there has to be some more evidence out there.

Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida Birdseye View


Swat buildup
Swat entering a building that is not building 12
Medics working on victims during the earlier stages of the shooting

At 3:50 pm in the 22-minute footage there is another interview with a parent that said her sons were safe.  One was in a classroom and he just got moved to another and her other son who is a senior is safe in the bank.  The bank, isn’t that kind of odd?  I have looked at Google Maps and did not see any banks nearby.  She also knew the shooter and did say his first name before being stopped by the reporter from fully naming Cruz.

Were there multiple shooters?  According to some witnesses, there were.  There is no mainstream news outlet that will cover this because it does not fit their narrative of gun control.  What is truly shocking is when you see tons of headlines like this.   

In this case, there were multiple red flags from Nikolas Cruz and they were basically ignored by the school and the FBI.  He was a troubled kid who just lost his mom 3 months ago and from the sounds of some of the interviews from students, everyone knew he was troubled and there may have been some bullying.  This is what happens when signs are ignored and this tragedy could have been stopped had people done the right thing.

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