Taiwan Coast Guard Arrests 31 Foreigners for Human Trafficking Resulting in Two Drowning Deaths

Human trafficking is worldwide folks and it needs to be stopped.  People are kidnapped and smuggled all over the world to be sold into sex slavery or to people that will pay high dollars for underground adoption.

Coast Guard Administration (CGA) officials yesterday said they have arrested 31 foreigners in a suspected human-trafficking operation that resulted in two drowning deaths.  CGA units and local police cooperated in the arrest of 15 foreigners near the coastal village of Nantian (南田) in Taitung County’s Daren Township (達仁).

“All 15 foreigners arrested yesterday [Monday] were Vietnamese, except for one woman from China. We believe they are all part of the same human-trafficking ring operated by a Taiwanese ship, which tried to land them along the Taitung coast so they could enter the country illegally,” said Li chih-hao (李智豪), a section chief at the agency’s Eastern Coastal Patrol Office.

The speedboat headed to a spot about 2 nautical miles (3.7km) from the shore of Nantian Village, where a Taiwanese man told the foreigners to get into a rubber dinghy and to row the rest of the way to the shore, the agency said.

The dinghy capsized in high waves and six occupants fell into the water. The CGA patrol tried to rescue two of those who fell into the water — a Vietnamese man and woman — and rushed them to hospital, but the two were later pronounced dead.

The other four — two Vietnamese women, a Vietnamese man and a Taiwanese man — made it to land, where they were arrested by coast guard agents.  The Taiwanese man is likely a crew member of the Kaohsiung-registered Jin Chun Cai (金春財), which is suspected of being engaged in human trafficking, the agency said.  The agency said it boarded the vessel, where they found 16 Vietnamese nationals and six Taiwanese crew members. (Taipei Times)

It’s a shame that this kind of crap goes on.  Reading the reason why these Vietnamese foreigners were trying to enter Taiwan illegally was to work.  It was better for them to risk working in Taiwan illegally because of high labor broker fees.  This is the type of thing that happens in Socialist and Communist nations and this is the type of shit the left wants to bring here.

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