Sergei Skripal Was Close to Christopher Steele, Author of Fake Trump Dossier

There are numerous reports out that have stated poisoned Russian spy Sergei Skripal was close with Christopher Steele, author of the fake Trump Dossier that was used by Clinton and Obama to spy on President Trump.

The report withheld the security consultant’s name but stated he knew Skripal for some time and lived near him in Salisbury, while citing a LinkedIn account as confirmation that the consultant worked for Orbis. Steele’s Orbis was hired by Fusion GPS in 2016 to research Trump. (Newsweek)

Now lets seriously ask ourselves this question, isn’t it sloppy the Russians would use a nerve agent at a shopping center in England?  That seems pretty stupid to me and I just can’t see them doing this because it just seems very sloppy.  If they really wanted to kill him, they would have done so.  I heard pundits say that this is sending a message to the world the Russians can get anyone anywhere and they can get past security and there is nothing we can do.  This is just completely preposterous in my opinion.

I believe this was a deep state attack trying to tie up some loose ends regarding the fake Steele Dossier.  He was a double agent tried and convicted of treason in Russia, I imagine they thought he would easily turn states evidence and he needed to be eliminated and why not kill two birds with one stone by killing him and then blaming it on the Russians.  He probably wasn’t meant to survive but he did.  It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming weeks.

We do not need to be in any wars and the fake news media keeps pitting us against Russia.  There are a lot of scumbags that would profit from such a war and we need to remember this when we see the fake news media peddling their warmongering propaganda.

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