Priest Forgiven for Raping 26 Children Found in a Gruesome Murder

I have zero sympathy for pedophiles, especially when it comes to Priests.  They prey on troubled children and use their collar to prey upon children and forever change their lives and not in a good way.  The story of this priest is gruesome and no matter how much I hate pedophiles, I don’t think he deserved to die the way he did but who am I question?

Body found stabbed and tortured after admitting to multiple child rape
The body of a pedophile priest, who was forgiven by the Catholic Church after he admitted to raping 26 children, was found in his Massachusetts home after being stabbed to death.  His body was found bound and gagged by his brother after he missed a scheduled Mass at a church, according to police records.

Police believe he had been tortured before he died by “more than one assailant”, who had stabbed him several times in the chest and also “removed” his genitals.  He is believed to have died of his injuries after a “very large blade” – most likely a machete – was inserted into his rectum in its entirety, fatally damaging several of his internal organs.  Father Archambault was accused of abusing 29 children on multiple occasions with victims ranging from 5 to 11-years-old.  (Am Redeemed)

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