Operation Statewide Breaks Up Pedophile Ring Involving Thousands of Children

I like hearing stories about pedophiles going to jail but these fucks don’t deserve 3 hots and cot.  It’s sad that the MSM fake news will not report on such things and the reason most likely is they are involved in such atrocities.  Unfortunately this is just the tip of the iceberg.  I really think a lot of the sealed indictments have to do with massive pedophile rings involving deep state government officials.  It will be interesting to see the names of those indictments if they are ever released.

In an historic victory for law enforcement, prolific child pornographer Anthony White was apprehended by New Jersey police – who say he was running one of the biggest pedophile rings they have ever encountered.

Thegoldwater.com reports: The New Jersey Attorney General’s office said that White was one of 40 pedophiles who were under investigation as part of “Operation Statewide,” where joint operations involving the New Jersey State Police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and various other law enforcement agencies were determined to take down the network of disgusting pedophiles as part of their efforts.

While monitoring that network, the Detective discovered an IP address that led back to the residence or Anthony White, which was transmitting numerous videos of child pornography.  A search warrant was finally executed on White’s home on July 20th, of 2016, where law enforcement seized hard drives, mobile phones, laptop computers, desktop computers, SD cards and expandable memory, among other electronics to send to their digital forensics lab for analysis.

On those devices, White was found to be in possession of over 36,000 videos and pictures of child pornography, as reported by the app.com news website, who wrote the “Lakewood man admits to one of biggest child porn collections in NJ history,” describing the massive trove of vile child porn.  (The Goldwater)

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