Operation Safe Haven Nabs 29 in Multi-State Human Trafficking Bust

This kind of garbage runs rampant around the world and this is something the fake news media will not cover.  Look at the names and locations of the people who were arrested in this operation, they come from all over the US.  I am sure a lot of the Hispanic females do get pimped out by these scumbags and this is the type of thing that the left wants to bring here.  These are so called “Dreamers” the left talks about but you won’t hear them reporting on stories like this.

29 people have been arrested including five people from Moultrie in a multiple state human trafficking bust on Thursday with officers searching for nine more.

The arrests come as part of “Operation Safe Haven,” which began as an investigation in Moultrie that identified a loosely affiliated organization that coordinates the movement of Hispanic females throughout the southeastern United States.

According to a five-count indictment filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia, at least one of the victims identified during the investigation was a minor when she was trafficked. Law enforcement officers rescued 15 potential victims of fraud, force or coercion, in the brothels and residences searched yesterday. (WFXL)

Those arrested include:

59-year-old Jose Roberto Laines a/k/a “El Viejon” of Moultrie, GA

57-year-old Galdino Benitez of Moultrie, GA

42-year-old Carmen Michelle Pecina of Moultrie, GA

51-year-old Maria Mercado a/k/a “Marisol” of Duluth, GA

55-year-old Heriberta Caraballo a/k/a “Cristina” and “La Columbiana” of Louisiana

39-year-old Juan Ortiz Bojorquez of Louisiana

34-year-old Antonio Flores Esparza a/k/a “Tonio” of Pensacola, FL

53-year-old Jose Trujillo a/k/a “El Gordo”

56-year-old Germania Guzman a/k/a “Deborah” of Houston, TX

34-year-old Flor Torres of Columbia, SC

37-year-old Uvaldo Barrioz Perez of Moultrie, GA

33-year-old John McLeod of Moultrie, GA

52-year-oldJuan Gomez of Hartsfield, GA

42-year-old Evelyn Patricia Yanes, a/k/a “Patty” of Houston, TX

29-year-old Arnold Campbell of Houston, TX

53-year-old Alejandro Monterrey of Norcross, GA

36-year-old Bernabe Carbajal, a/k/a “El Chaparro” of Montgomery, AL

60-year-old Gloria Isabel Reyes, a/k/a “Estela Reyes,” Gloria Dominguez”, “Dona Gloria” of Forest, MS

43-year-old Milton Ivan Dominguez of Forest, MS

41-year-old Luis Roberto Dominguez of Mississippi

46-year-old Amada Garcia a/k/a “Marlene” of Taylor, SC

34-year-old Jaime Ramirez Villeda of Winston-Salem, NC

32-year-old Ernesto Trejos Villeda of Winston-Salem, NC

55-year-old Alba Blandon a/k/a “Dona Alba” of Sunset, LA

24-year-old Mauro Lira a/k/a “Chino” of Hattiesburg, MS

Yamileth Hernandez a/k/a “Yamileth Portillo” and “Gabby”

Juan Jose Sotelo a/k/a “Don Jose” of Prairieville, LA

Leti LNU of Atlanta, GA

Carlos Perez a/k/a “Chema” of Atlanta, GA

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