Back on January 30, 2018, it was reported that more than 500 people were arrested and 56 were saved in a huge human trafficking crackdown in Los Angeles County.  Of the 56 that were rescued, 45 were adults and 11 were children.  Pedophilia runs rampant in CA as most of the Hollywood scum live there and we should be seeing a lot more of this as Trump and Sessions sets their sites on this lawless third world country.

More than 500 suspects were arrested and 56 people were rescued during a statewide human-trafficking crackdown, officials said.  The Los Angeles County Regional Human  Trafficking Task Forces announced the arrests of 510 suspects during the three-day sweep, called Operation Reclaim and Rebuild.  During the operation, which took place between Jan. 25 and 27, the task force said 45 adults and 11 girls were rescued.  Among the 510 suspects arrested, 30 are suspected traffickers and 178 are alleged “johns.”The task force is housed by the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department and is a collaboration of more than 85 federal, state, county and local law enforcement and nonprofit community organizations. (ABC7)

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