Columbia Weather Summary: 71 degrees Columbia, SC (WLTX) — Many of us think our community is immune to sex trafficking, but an eye-opening statistic says otherwise. Local leaders tell us once every six weeks, a child in the Richland County school district is a victim of human trafficking. Community leaders who are working to change this reality talked about how. “The statistic that scares me the most is that about for the last year and a half, two years, about once every six weeks, an arrest is made in trafficking that involves a student that attends one of our Richland County schools,” said Richland County Councilman for District 8, Jim Manning. “Within every 6 weeks, the Richland County Sheriff’s Department typically has an arrest in terms of trafficking. Once they go in and do investigations, they find that at least one victims is a student within Richland County School District 1, 2, any school district in Richland County,” said Alexis Williams Scurry, the Richland County Anti-Human Trafficking Project Coordinator Housed in Richland County CASA and the Court-Appointed Special Advocates Office. Officials:A Child Trafficked Every 6 Weeks in Richland County

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