The suspected Taliban fighters who attacked the Afghan interior ministry Wednesday were wearing old U.S. Army Universal Camouflage Pattern Uniforms and driving a captured Humvee, a tactic the enemy has used in the past, the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan said today. “Eight terrorists in a captured Humvee attempted to penetrate the Minister of Interior headquarters in downtown Kabul,” Army Gen. John Nicholson, Operation Resolute Support mission commander, told reporters at the Pentagon. The attackers were attempting to drive through a checkpoint into the government complex when they were stopped by Afghan security, he said. “They were wearing old-style Army uniforms,” Nicholson said. “The good news is that the guards at the gate, the Afghan guards, immediately recognized these as old uniforms, called on them to exit the vehicle so they could be checked out and, at that point, the fighting started.” Militants Killed in Kabul Attack Were Wearing US Army Uniforms

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