Let’s Not Forget James Foley, Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg and Steve Sotloff

With Trump nominating Gina Haspel as the new CIA Director, you’d think the left would praise this move because she would be the first female to hold such a position but no, they are up in arms because she ran a black site in Thailand that interrogated enemy combatants. The fake news media is trying to claim the moral high ground about the interrogation tactics and quite frankly, I am not surprised. She is more than qualified for the person and her 30-year record proves that. To be honest, if the left doesn’t like it, means it’s a good decision.

Reading through the fake news publications, I see cries about us being a nation of laws and if we torture them, it’s unlikely they can be tried here in the states. Right here is one of the issues. These are terrorists that have harmed and killed Americans abroad, not in the United States. These terrorists are not afforded the rights under our constitution because they are not citizens. If they are knowing and actively trying to harm Americans and are caught, they deserve whatever happens to them.  We are talking about animals that beheaded journalist James Foley, Daniel Pearl, and Steve Sotloff and posted the videos online.  These people do not value human life and want to destroy our freedom and impose their will on us and we must not let them.  Waterboarding seems to be an effective way to break these terrorists.

Jose Rodriguez has no regrets about using the “enhanced interrogation techniques” – methods that some consider torture — on al Qaeda detainees questioned after 9/11 and denies charges they didn’t work. The former head of the CIA’s Clandestine Service talks to Lesley Stahl about those methods, including waterboarding, for the first time and defends their use – even comparing them to the current policy of killing al Qaeda leaders with drone strikes.

Pressed by Stahl about charges that Zubaydah, who was waterboarded and sleep deprived, gave false information that wasted U.S. resources, Rodriguez replies, “Bull****!, He gave us a roadmap that allowed us to capture a bunch of al Qaeda senior leaders,” says the ex-spy.

Rodriguez says the interrogation program, which also included stress positions, nudity and “insult slaps,” was “about instilling a sense of hopelessness…despair…so that he [the detainee] would conclude on his own that he was better off cooperating with us.” He says that even Khalid Sheik Mohammed, whom he termed “the toughest detainee we had,” eventually gave up information…read more at CBS

I’m getting sick of the anti-American rhetoric we get from the mainstream news. It’s hard enough we have to fight being censored, we have a media that is actively trying to bring down America. It’s hard to get on Twitter and see any mainstream media site post anything positive about President Trump. He is doing a lot to keep America great but he has a lot of enemies trying to take him down, foreign and domestic.  We need to stand up and get behind him and support him however we can.  It’s time to take back our country from the globalist scumbags!

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