Illegals Scramble When Truck and Horse Trailer Overturns on Interstate 8 in California

Have to wonder how much of this goes on unnoticed in California with the lawless left running things there.  It’s good to see that some are starting to stand up and fight sanctuary cities and trying to help the Border Patrol round up illegals.  In order to fix what is going on in CA, people need to vote out any socialist candidates.  On April 8, 2018, a truck and a horse trailer full of 18 illegals overturned on Interstate 8 causing injuries.  Some illegals ran from the scene but were eventually caught.

A horse trailer carrying at least 18 people who entered the country illegally overturned on a Southern California highway just north of the border with Mexico, authorities said.

Several people inside the trailer were hurt in the crash Saturday near the town of Campo, with injuries described as moderate and minor. Six patients were hospitalized, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

A witness told the California Highway Patrol that the two-axle trailer being hauled by a pickup truck began to fishtail and eventually tipped onto its right side along northbound Interstate 8.

Several people scrambled from the trailer after the crash and many ran away, the newspaper said.

After a search of the area, authorities were able to round up most, if not all, involved, said Border Patrol, Agent Eduardo Olmos. CHP and Cal Fire reported 18 individuals, while Border Patrol said there were 19; the reason for the discrepancy wasn’t immediately known. (STL News)

This sort of thing needs to stop and we need to stand up and fight for our country by building the wall and fixing immigration.  I am not against immigration, I am against people coming here illegally and living off the taxpayer’s dollars.  We have a lot of homeless Veterans around the country, instead of catering to illegals, we need to take care of the real heroes of this nation, our Veterans.

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