and go through the trouble of resetting your login info — but sometimes, it’s really, really important. After Florida officials had trouble logging into the FBI crime database to determine whether or not to approve concealed weapons permit applications, tens of thousands of applicants were approved to carry firearms without ever receiving a required background check, Tampa Bay Times reported Friday. Employees in the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services stopped using the database for more than a year, an investigation found. During that year, Florida received a record number of concealed carry permit applications — 245,000, compared to 134,000 applications the year before. Investigators are unsure of how many applicants received a permit when they should have been denied, but the conspicuous lack of denials and appeals during that year is reportedly what finally tipped officials off that something was going wrong in the applications process. Adam Putnam, Florida’s Agriculture commissioner who headed the department, has bragged about the increased number of concealed carry permits, reports the Times. Florida didn’t conduct gun background checks for an entire year because an official couldn’t log in

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