Crazy Racism Piece on Vice

Before we start getting into how racist this piece on Vice is, I would like to give you a little insight into my life and racism. I am a Heinz 57 but I am predominantly Native American and Hawaiian. I am a registered member of the Lac Courte Oreilles Nation (LCO). My mom was born in Kauai, HI and she is part Hawaiian, Chinese and Japanese. My father is half LCO and not sure the rest as he doesn’t know.

The reservation wasn’t a very good place to live when I was growing up so my mom moved us out of the reservation to the town of Hayward, WI. My mom was a single mother trying to take care of three kids so she did work a lot at the LCO Casino. When we lived in Hayward all my friends were white. My best friends Tim and Nick lived up the road from me and we spent a lot of time together when my mom was working. When my mom would be gone late, my brother and I would stay with Tim and Nick, we considered this our second home and Sue and Rollie were like parents to us. When I was middle school and high school, Native Americans and white students didn’t sit with each other at lunchtimes. This wasn’t by design it was just how it was.  I honestly don’t recall seeing much racism in school.

Living in Hayward and having white friends did offend some of my native friends. There were times that some of my white friends and native friends fought with each other about me hanging out with white people. This was something that I had forgotten and only remembered when my mother and I were discussing what America has done to the Hawaiian people. She told me the vice principal came to her one day at work and said I wasn’t showing up to school. My mother was unaware I was skipping school and the principal told her about the fights between my native friends and white friends. The vice principal wanted me to come back to school because I was good at sports.  I ended up dropping out of school and opting to go to job corps.  Looking back at it I think my mother is right, I left school because I didn’t want to choose between my white and native friends.  Back then my thing was to run away from problems instead of confronting them.

During my daily dose of Info Wars, Alex Jones was talking about the Obama painting unveiling yesterday and how the artist painted black woman decapitating white woman. Info wars also played a Vice video about an African American retreat in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica which no white people were allowed to go. This video was the most ludicrous thing I have ever seen. The only racism I see in my life now is what is in the news. I work with the public and come into contact with various races and I just haven’t seen any racism personally. When you see the news it’s almost like race relations are completely shit.

Had this been an all whites only retreat, the world would be up in arms and let’s face it, this is racism.  Any retreat that discriminates against a person because of their skin color is indeed racist.  This will not get society anywhere, it only helps to divide America more.

Like I stated earlier, my mother and I were discussing what America did to the Hawaiian people and how they took over Hawaii. She stated to the effect America today should right the wrong of history and compensate the Hawaiian people. I had to completely disagree with her and here is my reasoning.

America has stains in her short history of being a country. It’s truly sad what happened to the Hawaiians, Native Americans, and African Americans but it doesn’t justify compensating each race for past injustices. Nobody walking around today participated in the persecution of the Hawaiians, Native Americans or African Americans. It also doesn’t give me the right to trash white people because of what their ancestors did to mine.  There’s no inferior race in this world, we are all equal and the creator made us that way.

Humanity should be working together on what I think is the new frontier, space. We should all come together and work towards getting our species off the earth. At some point in time, we will use up all our resources and be forced to find another safe place for humanity. Elon Musk is doing it right with his program SpaceX. We should all get behind him and his vision to make us an interstellar species.  Our species should be way farther along in space and it’s not too late for humanity to come together and work towards a common goal such as getting off earth.

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