Cranberry Township PA Police Break Up Human Trafficking Ring

On March 15, 2018, Police in PA has broken up a human trafficking ring.  It is too early to tell how many were involved, the report only states that Oscar Carter was pimping out a juvenile out of a hotel suite and a detailed log had been located.

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, PA – Police have broken up an alleged human trafficking and prostitution operation being run out of a Cranberry hotel.  WPXI-TV reported that a juvenile female arrested in a Pittsburgh prostitution sting told police she was under the control of Oscar Carter. The FBI’s human trafficking task force alerted township police, who arrested Carter in the hotel suite for which the girl had a key card. (Patch)

She said Carter drove her to Pittsburgh to conduct prostitution acts and that he ran the operation out of the hotel suite.   According to the complaint, police found all kinds of counterfeit credit and gift cards, false IDs and cell phones in the hotel room, along with a detailed log of prostitution appointments. (WPXI)

It’s a sad world we live in when this kind of filth goes on.  This is the kind of pedophile utopia the left wants.  If they had it their way, they would legalize this kind of smut.

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