Communist News Network (CNN) Plans to Fire Dozens of Employees

Karma may be coming around to good old CNN.  CNN is a huge scam fake news site and is seriously doing the American people a disservice with their blatant bias, lies and negative reporting.

CNN is slashing its digital operations as some of its expensive new initiatives struggle, with plans to lay off as many as 50 people as soon as this week, according to Vanity Fair.

Citing “people familiar with the matter,” Vanity Fair reported that CNN will cut employees “around the globe” who “work in premium businesses including CNN Money, video, product, tech and social publishing.” The report also notes that “several high profile digital initiatives are being scaled back.”

Not sure if the liberal media will ever wake up.  They are completely missing the biggest scandal in history when it comes to the corrupt Obama, Clinton Cabal.  I wonder what they will be saying when people start going to prison for perjury and treason, only time will tell!

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