89 Arrested, 39 Girls Saved in Pedophile Ring Bust in Spain

In another win for the good guys, Spanish police have busted another pedophile ring.  Spanish Police recently took down 155 Chinese Nationals in a human trafficking ring.  The Chinese were shipping migrants to Britain and Ireland at $25k a pop.

Spanish police have rescued 39 girls from a notorious Nigerian organized crime ring who kept them in a cave-like house and forced them into prostitution in Spain.  According to reports, they were freed in a joint operation involving the UK’s National Crime Agency and Nigeria’s National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons.  The UK’s National Crime Agency, said the victims, many of whom are under 18, had undergone voodoo/juju rituals in Nigeria.  Traffickers have been known to force their victims to undergo voodoo rituals, a means used to establish their hold on them and ensure they never run away or divulge the traffickers’ secret. (Punch)

It’s good to hear stories like this.  Pedophile rings and human trafficking rings are rarely reported by the fake news media because the people they protect are complicit in both.  When President Trump drops the hammer on these satanist fucktards, it will be a glorious day.  We will see Republican and Democrat scumbags going down.  Stand up and fight for what’s right!

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